Know thyself

This saying is not merely some antiquated, self-development quote.
It can actually be applied to both the mind and the body.
Because your mind and your body are constantly interacting.
Discover what your physical and your psychological weaknesses are.
And then you can go on to achieve optimal health.

There are two steps to reach your goal:


Pinpoint the root cause of your symptoms with the Functional Blood Chemistry Report and Analysis, the Iris Analysis Report, together with all the possibilities that Naturopathy has to offer. Only when you know what specifically is wreaking havoc in your body and your mind can you take effective action. At the same time, you’re securing your health and reducing your chances of future illnesses.

You’re now already halfway along the path to healing. And this in itself is a huge leap forward!


Time for real change!

Follow an optimized and a personalized diet plan, add in natural supplements if necessary, fix any disturbances in your environment, adjust your mindset, and tune in to your body.

By doing these things, you’ll gain much more energy, confidence, and joy in your life.


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A little bit about me

Hi! I’m Nathalie, and I’m a Naturopathic Practitioner, Health Coach, Researcher, and Iridologist.

My primary goal is to share with you highly-practical, evidence-based, tested knowledge. In my personal experience, knowledge is truly a health-saver. And a life-saver, as well.
Failed health equals a failed life. But vibrant health translates into a vibrant life.
Improving your life together with your health is truly possible and within reach.

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