How to take your iris images on your own

For an Iris Analysis Report, the following are required:

A picture of your eyes, both Left eye, and Right eye

Using a Smartphone:

  • The regular forward camera on the phone is recommended for this. Selfie pictures are not advised, in the interest of picture quality
  • However, if the option of getting a photo taken by a second person is difficult, a “selfie” photo can be resorted to.

Note: The user may also compare the picture quality between the regular and selfie option if needed. Alternatively, a DSLR camera can be used to take the photo.

Execution steps for Mobile Phone

  • The Zoom to be set to at least 2xs (or even a Macro setting, if possible, if the camera software permits).
  • The images need to be as large as possible, to capture a clear, distortion-free view of the eye.
  • It is strongly recommended that the camera be operated by a second person as the lens must be placed as close to the eye as possible (about a couple of inches).
  • Alternatively, a tripod can be set up, to hold the mobile phone (smartphone) in place.
  • The eyes should be kept wide open by using the fingers, and the user is required to look straight into the camera lens while the photo is being taken.

Lighting requirements:

  • The flash settings (ON/ OFF) are required to be tested and set suitably.
  • To avoid unwanted light reflection, the user should avoid positioning himself/herself near any windows, as light reflection would adversely impact iris markings.
  • When using flash, a white spot will appear on the picture and hide parts of the iris. Make sure you take a couple of pictures whose white spot is located somewhere else in the eye and send them all to me.
  • Lastly, the right / left eyes should be properly labelled with the words “LEFT” and “RIGHT” before dispatching the photos to me.
The white spots are generated by the flash. The biggest spot on your right hides a part of the collarette and a part of the heart area. That is why it is important to send other pictures of the same eye so that the practitioner can see the heart area. The quality of this picture is very good and you can also see the sclera (the white part of the eye), which gives a lot of information as well.

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