I am Nathalie. I am a Naturopathic Practitioner, Health Coach, Researcher, and Iridologist. I am currently training with the Metabolic Healing Institute to perfect my Functional medicine skills as well as glutenology with the Gluten Free Society. I’ve been practicing Qi Gong for years.

I would have never thought I’d work in healthcare today.

My story

Before getting to the health arena, I primarily worked in the international field. I was specialized in political sciences, geopolitical analysis covering more specifically Russia, Eurasia, Pacific, and China. I graduated in Russian and Chinese (Mandarin) languages, hence me working as a teacher and a translator as well.

Then, I quit.

My journey with health issues


It all began at the age of ten. I started to have chest pain: an early sign of chronic stress. But the doctors ignored it.


One year later, I had my first fibromyalgia symptoms: stabbing pain all over the body. There were times I couldn’t walk.

Nobody knew it was fibromyalgia. It was confused with growth pains. But the doctors had some doubts seeing the intensity of pain. So, they had me take many stressful and painful medical examinations: bone scan, electromyography… Like a laboratory rat. They were all useless. 

The doctors still had no clue. 

Conclusion: everything was in my head. And I believed them.

Then, my journey with the psychotherapists began. I consulted a lot of them. But once again, they gave up on my case: I presented no significant trauma.

Of course, the pain issue was physical.

But still, everything was in my head. I had finally been homeschooled, experienced chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and isolation. 

I had hit rock bottom.


Hopefully, there was a bright side to being homeschooled. During these past years, I had the chance to sleep a lot. Sleep is the most effective way to heal from chronic stress and all the diseases related to it, such as fibromyalgia.

Things got much better until I entered university.

Stress issues came back; I experienced a series of burnouts; hypothyroidism and Hashimoto had been diagnosed…

But I still thought everything was in my head. So I carried on with chemical drugs, poor sleep, poor diet, and self-loathing.

And that’s how I discovered natural medicine: Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine. At first, I was skeptical. But I gave them a try.

It was the greatest eye-opener in my life.

Since then, my life has changed completely.

My values

My experience in my practice showed me diseases could be reversed naturally with no harm done.

I take much pride in being part of the functional and natural health movement and continuing the family tradition of medicine. 


Understanding, acceptance, and trust are key


Useful, practical, simple, evidence-based information, techniques, methods.


Preventative, gentle healing, and respectful to your body and environment


Honest, authentic; your truth will help you to reach the best version of yourself.

Each person has the unique capability to heal and thrive.

You can reclaim ownership over your health, no matter how complicated your challenges, or how much work you’ve put into your healing journey.

I have seen with my own eyes my clients’ health improve: the lab works, medical imagings showing complete remission.

And mine as well.

So, why not yours?