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Ultimate Key Strategies Against Viruses and Covid 19, Now Releasing!

In this ebook, you will find all the best natural, evidence-based strategies to fight off viruses and coronavirus Covid 19, along with clear explanations and studies. You will also find the right dosage, all the potential drug interactions, including lists of chemical drugs, the contraindications for pregnant, breastfeeding women, children, the elderly, people with diabetes, and autoimmune diseases… In this book, I tried my best to cover everybody, including those who follow chemical treatments.

This book is for everyone.

What’s included:

Science and History: How does the immune system work? Why are the antioxidants and the lymphatic system so important? How to fix the lymphatic system? What is a virus? Why is the germ-phobia mindset still maintained in the official institutions? Explanations made easy.

Basic protective measures: What are the best measures? Is wearing a face mask all day long good for you? Is ozone the best alternative against viruses? And much more.

Lifestyle: Sleep, exercises, sun exposure, tips such as neti pots, saline sprays, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, medicinal marijuana… Are they good, are they bad? Everything is explained, along with the latest research.

Medications: Antibiotics, antacids, allergy medications, steroids… They are known to cause long-term damage on health but also on the immune system. Are there any other natural alternatives? Yes, there are, and you’ll find them in this book.

EMFs or Electromagnetic Fields: Wi-fi, 5G, bluetooth… Studies revealed they could increase the replication of pathogens. Tips on how to reduce your exposure in this book.

Foods: What shall you eat during a viral outbreak? Animal proteins? Fats? Carbs? Sugar? Is honey good for your children?… Plus a selection of the strongest mushrooms to combat viruses.

Nutrients: What is the best nutrient for you? Vitamin C? Vitamin D? PQQ? Glutathione? Zinc? NAC?… Explanations, dosage, contraindications about each of them in this book.

Supplements: What about the supplements? Are bee propolis, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver right for you? What probiotics strains shall you take? Explanations, dosage, contraindications about each of them in this book.

Herbs: Feeling sick? Or you just want to use it for prevention? You’ll find all the best herbs associated with the symptoms they cure, their other properties, the right dosage, and contraindications. Herbs mentioned: echinacea, wormwood, thyme, eleuthero root, Panax ginseng, elderberry, lomatium dissectum…

Essential oils: Their strong antiviral and antiseptic properties can’t be ignored. What are the best for you, your children and pets? Dosage, studies, contraindications are covered. Examples of essential oils mentioned in the book: frankincense, ravintsara, tea tree, pine, thyme, lavender, eucalyptus, laurel leaf….

Emotions: Are the emotions and mental state important for your physical health? Yes, sure! But why? You’ll find all the answers as well as the best methods to heal them.

eBook: 173 pages.

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My Free eBooks

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information on the web? Busy? But you want to have the healthiest and safest lifestyle ever? Or, you just don’t want to poison yourself and your loved ones with the wrong foods and equipment? These short booklets will help you select the safest foods and equipment. You could use them as checklists at your health food store.

New free ebooks are on the way, so come back as often as possible.

Booklet: Fats and Oils

You will find the best fats and oils to consume as well as the right heating temperature to use for each of them, both in Fahrenheit and degree celsius. You will also find the fats and oils to avoid.
Format: PDF
Pages: 7

Booklet: Sugar and Sweeteners

This booklet is a must-have. Why? Because sugar is everywhere and sadly, it often impacts harmfully on health. In this booklet, you will have immediate access to the names of the safest and worst sugar to consume, according to their glycemic load, amount of fructose, and processing degree.
Format: PDF
Pages: 8

Booklet: Kitchen Equipment

You will find the safest to the most harmful pots, pans, and baking dishes in this booklet.
Format: PDF
Pages: 5